Competitive Fishing

A Nationals 2017 WPFFA Gold winners
Gold winner – A Nats 2017 David
Bronze winner – A Nats 2017 Dirk
Youth Nats 2016
Youth Nats 2016 winners
colours evening 2015
national A team taken from facebook maddy 19 march 2014
Rhodes Juniors 2015
Junior Nationals 2014

What does competitive fly fishing entail?

  • Teams of anglers and individuals attend competitive events throughout the year.
  • Competitors earn points for the number and length of fish caught within 3-hour sessions.
  • By accumulating points you get ranked within a session, and your ranking counts to the overall competition.
  • Competitions are typically 3 days long, but can be single day events.
  • It’s a team sport, and the combined rank of all the team members is what counts most. The team dynamic means that knowledge is shared between the anglers to improve everyone’s outcome.
  • Four national championships are held annually around the country: A nationals (serious stuff), B Nationals (focused on fun and learning), Woman’s nationals (ever growing), and Youth Nationals (for under 18 anglers). Making a WPFFA team allows you to travel, fish and learn.

Competitions generally target trout in rivers and dams, but have, on occasion, included native species such as yellow fish.

All competitions follow modified international fly fishing competition rules set by FIPS – you can also see all the latest news and event information on their Facebook page:

The South African Fly Fishing Association (SAFFA) is a national organisation. WPFFA , like other provincial fly fishing organisations, is affiliated to SAFFA. Thus, all SAFFA rules apply to all WPFFA anglers at all times:

For a list of competitions and events go to our What’s Happening page.

Making the team

To make a team you need to improve your ranking within WPFFA.

Rankings are based on several assessment factors including:

  • Performance in internally organized competitive trials
  • Performance in previous competitions
  • Continuous assessment processes
    • casting
    • reading waters
    • fly tying
    • competition knowledge

Contact us to find out more details about making the team and participating in trials.